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Before you talk with any prospective VA you need to be clear on 3 things:


  1. The relationship you want to enter into  (see VA Tip #1)
  2. The range of tasks you want to hand over
  3. “Must have” personality traits


You need to be quite clear on what major tasks you want your VA to handle; which systems do you use already – she needs to have knowledge of these, i.e. Infusionsoft, Ontraport, MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc. or other systems you use. She needs to fit with you on a personal basis, i.e. if you are a humorous person you won’t like to work with someone who has no humor. If you are an introvert you might not want to have a VA who is bubbly, it might drive you crazy. Get the drift?


Make a list of all your needs and requirements. Determine your feelings about working with a VA, now that you have the tools at hand that help you determine whether someone you are interviewing is the right VA for you.


What do you value the most important of the 3 areas mentioned, the relationship, the range of tasks, or the ‘must have’ personality traits and why?







A VA is not a VA is not a VA ……


VAs don’t all work the same way. I see 3 categories of VAs. They are:

  • strictly task-oriented.
  • project work only
  • long-term and collaborative client relationships


When you start looking for your VA, the first thing to do is determine which of the 3 options resonates with you.


  • The task-oriented VA receives her tasks via email or collaboration tool, does the work and then waits for the next task(s) to arrive.
  • VAs who are project-oriented will take on specific projects; these can last from 1 week to a few months, or even longer. The project might be strictly tasks-oriented, or it might involve some discussion/brainstorming with the business owner and has a definite end date.
  • The 3rd option is the most rewarding as these VAs not only perform admin tasks but they also connect on a deeper level with the client. They are only interested in long-term and collaborative working relationships that are based on trust and therefore often facilitate brainstorming and therefore the creation of new products, or new marketing ways. In this relationship, both VA and client are mutually engaged in the client’s business’ success in a team effort.


Think about your business, how you envision it to be in 6 months, 1 year, 5 years.


What does your relationship with your VA need to look like so you can reach your goals with ease and joy?



(Note from Beatrice: Be sure to check back every Thursday for the next tip in the series.)






When asked whether they work with a Virtual Assistant,  business owners will often respond as follows:


– I cannot afford a VA
– I’m experimenting with a few tools to see what I like
– I can do it – I just need to work a few nights


It’s imperative for the back-end of your business to sit on a solid foundation. You want systems in place that work well together, integrate with each other, and save you time. Your VA can brainstorm with you, advise you which system(s) might be best for your business, and do the setup of the systems that support your business in the long run.


When you think about your long-term goals, and bringing on a team, you need to look at how you’ll communicate with each other and how you keep track on the work that everyone is doing.

How do you organize your tasks? Do you use a calendar, a notebook, your email Inbox? Is your system going to be effective once you have a team mate?


Most business owners don’t have the time/don’t want to spend the time on researching and setting up these foundational parts of their businesses.


Think you cannot afford a VA, or can do it all yourself? Think again.


Here’s an example:
The client charges $200/hour for her services. Her VA charges $50/hour. For the ONE hour of her work the client gets FOUR hours from her VA. A Win-Win situation, I’d say.


How much money could you generate in your business with the time you spend on research, setup and your daily repetitive tasks?


What would be your biggest gains if you didn’t have to do all the back-end tasks yourself?



(Note from Beatrice: Be sure to check back every Thursday for the next tip in the series.)





Do you think that your VA needs to be living close to you? The answer is “No.” Location is not the most important factor in looking for a Virtual Assistant.  I’ve created this short video for you to help you prioritize your “My VA must have/be …” list.


Please leave a comment whether you found this video helpful – thank you.


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