Trusted Back-End Admin Manager for Overwhelmed Entrepreneurs


I work with busy entrepreneurs who are yearning for balance!   And one of the ways they find this balance is by working with me in a long-term, collaborative client relationship. Why? Because we are a good fit and they know that the back-end of their business is lovingly taken care of.  We have trust in our relationship, and honesty, and compassion; there is a connection that makes us pull alongside, in harmony, on the rope to success. Check this post for more information.


My ideal client is someone who


  • loves what she/he does and works hard;
  • wants to be able spend more time with family and friends and less time on administrative tasks;
  • understands that she/he cannot possibly do it all alone;
  • wants a collaborative relationship with her/his VA;
  • is willing to give and receive trust;
  • honors my standards and respects my boundaries;
  • has a good sense of humor and is fun to be with;
  • likes to laugh and enjoy;
  • is responsible, reliable and dependable;
  • is true to his/her word;
  • is well organized;
  • has a successful business;
  • can afford to pay me long-term;
  • is open-minded and relationship-oriented;
  • is honest and ethical;
  • can delegate, and does not micromanage;
  • has a positive outlook on life;
  • values a good work/life balance;
  • discusses any concerns directly with me, compassionately.


As your Virtual Business Manager, here is what you can expect from me


SOCIALMEDIAD1-1525ms2ceditI am honest, outgoing, and say it as it is; I don’t sweet-talk. My integrity is high. I stand behind you 100%, am hard-working, dependable, and trustworthy.  I love to laugh and share a joke; and I am a born optimist, reliable, discreet, and punctual. I respect you, and am willing to give you my trust, and to receive yours; I honor your standards and boundaries, as you do honor mine. I am your partner, your confidante, your right hand.   I walk my talk.


Think we might be a good fit?

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